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August and September Fishing

August and September Fishing is very good. On our charters we catch a variety of fish this time of year. Mangrove Snapper are the number one target species for customers who like to take fish home to eat. We target the all year long but in the hot summer months they are typically more plentiful in Tampa Bay. We also catch Spanish Mackerel, Grouper, Sharks and other species.

October is just around the corner and fishing will continue to be good. As water temperatures slowly decrease we will see our Snook action start to pick up. Snook,Redfish and Trout are a catch and release species right now as the season is closed. Every now and they you have to give these fish a break and let the population rebound. At Tampa Flats and Bay Fishing Charters we are dedicated to conserving our fishery so we target these species with care. Proper handling and reviving these species is important to the growth in population. We can still target them and we will but so you all know in advance we will not be keeping any Snook, Redfish or Trout until the season is reopened.

I look forward to booking your next fishing adventure with me. October through December are some prime months to catch many different species in Tampa Bay. Give us a call!
Capt. Steve

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