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Charter Fishing / January 2016

Our 2015 charter fishing season has come to an end and now its time to see what 2016 has to offer.

I was expecting things to start off a bit shaky because the latest weather forecast called for a cold front to move through our area. I guess you could call temperatures in the high 70’s dropping to the mid 70’s a cold front? We did have a little wind and a slight mist of rain first thing in the morning but that cleared right up to sunny skies and calm seas. Bets of all the fish didn’t get the same forecast and they ate the bait presented to them like nothing had ever happened. Catching,catching and more catching has been the story for the last 6 days leading up to the New Year. Charter fishing in Tampa Bay as been awesome!

Snook have remained on the feed. We are catching plenty of them. Some charters my clients have caught 60 or more on a 4 hour trip. While most are in the 20″ range my customers are catching the occasional Snook over 30 inches. This one was 34 inches.

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We are also catching some nice Red Fish aka Red Drum. Click on the video and here what Ron has to say about his experience.



Trout fishing has been outstanding! Some of my customers have been taking home Trout for dinner. After the charter fishing day is over I am happy to clean and bag the days catch.

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Jack Crevalle what else can I say other than pound for pound they are one of the hardest fighting fish in Tampa Bay. All of the fish we catch are on light tackle spinning reels and rods. People often ask what brand tackle I use. Okuma fishing reels are my preferred reels to use. In the video I am going to post below my customer was using an ultra light Okuma Inspira 20 series reel. Its one I have been testing for them and I have to say it is holding up well. Be sure to watch the video to the end. I included some pictures of some of the other fish they caught on the 4 hour charter at the end.



Thank you for stopping by to check out my reports. I hope you enjoyed the videos and I look forward to booking your next charter fishing excursion.

Happy New Year!

Capt. Steve

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