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Fishing Charters Tampa/Dec 2015

We have had some very nice catches and productive fishing charters Tampa in this month of December. Our weather has been extremely mild. We have been experiencing 80 degree temps here in the Tampa Bay area. This has helped to maintain water temperature in the 60s witch in turn has kept the fish active and biting. So much so we had a pleasant surprise and caught some beautiful Spanish Mackerel in the far north reaches of Tampa Bay this month. Its not unheard of but its really not common for this time of year. They provide some good eating and great drag ripping runs on light tackle.


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Snook have been very abundant. Catches of 30 or more of them on our fishing charters Tampa have been common. They are not a fish that is open for keeping right now but they do fill the gaps in the action while fishing for other species such as Trout and Redfish to take home for dinner. If you have never caught a Snook now is a the time to have a good shot at catching not just one but many of them.

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Spotted Sea Trout have been fairly abundant and have provided our guest with some nice fillets to take home for dinner. We have also been catching the occasional Redfish in the mix while targeting them. Both species keep anglers busy and the rods bent. We use light tackle spinning combos to keep it interesting and challenging.


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With just a few days left before the new year we expect this type of action to continue. Here is a look at our weather forecast for the next 7 days starting December 24th 2015.


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Are you ready to enjoy some of our great fishing and beautiful Tampa Bay weather? Fishing Charters Tampa is a great way to do it! Dont hesitate book your charter today. We have plenty of dates open in January but they wont last long with weather like this.

Tampa Bay Fishing Charters. It is where the adventure begins!

Merry Christmas!!

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