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Its Fall Fishing Time

Fall fishing time that is what time it is !

Fall is the time of the year when things really heat up or cool down depending on how you look at it. Let me explain. This is the time of year in the Tampa Bay area that we start to exit those hot summer days. Things start to cool down and the fishing starts to really get hot. As our water temperature gradually drops down into the mid to high 70s the fish such as Snook,Redfish and Trout really start to turn on.

Snook will start to transition and be on the feed on the shallow flats and back water creeks and canals. This is the time of year we usually catch large numbers of them.

Redfish will still be schooled up for awhile but will start to move. They will be found around the Mullet schools,oyster bars and out on the shallow flats as well as in the creeks,canals and backwaters.

Trout will come out of the deep water haunts and start to enter back water areas in large numbers. They make great table fare and will be the most dependable catch for those who want to take some fresh fish home for dinner.

Yes it it definitely Fall Fishing Time!

Here are a few photos from some recent catches so far this fall of  Snook, Redfish and Trout. We also catch a variety of other species or our fishing charters. This is also the time of year when the Manatees make there move back into the bay.



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Now is the time to do some fall fishing. Don’t hesitate to call and book your next fishing adventure on the beautiful waters of Tampa Bay.

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