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Fishing Charters in Tampa Bay

I get a lot of phone calls and emails inquiring about my Fishing Charters in Tampa Bay. One of the most frequently asked question is “Will we be fishing in Tampa Bay?” This is usually followed up with “We don’t want to be far away from land.” I get it! For some folks they just don’t feel comfortable traveling long distances out into the Gulf of Mexico. Some suffer from sea sickness or just fear not being close to land.

Here is the beauty of doing a Fishing Charters in Tampa Bay. We never lose sight of land! As a matter of fact at most times you can see land in any direction you look.
Another thing that can concern folks is weather conditions. At Tampa Flats and Bay Fishing Charters we stay on top of the weather conditions on a daily basis. We use apps and weather forecast to predict what the days conditions may be. We also take into account wind speed and direction. We know what is doable for a safe trip and what is not. We actually pride ourselves in the fact that although we have to make a living we know the folks we are taking want an enjoyable experience and its hard earned money they are paying us to provide that.
Honesty has been my policy since day one when I started my full time career running Fishing Charters in Tampa Bay almost 13 years ago.

With all of that being said we have had some great trips this past month of July. Our trips have ranged from catching Snapper, Mackerel, Sharks and other species on the artificial reefs and rocky bottom of Tampa Bay to catching Snook, Redfish and Trout along the Mangrove Shorelines and flats.
Its really hard for a lot of my customers to comprehend the variety of species we have here right inside Tampa Bay. Its an amazing place where the fishing is nothing short of fantastic!
The sights you will see are also included in the charter at no extra charge! Dolphins,Manatees,occasional Sea Turtles and are large variety of Sea Birds just to name a few. So don’t forget to take plenty of picture while you are on a Tampa Fishing Charter.
Here are a few highlights from July Tampa Bay Fishing Charters.

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Summer time is a great time to fish in Tampa Bay! Book a charter with you’re Tampa Fishing Guide Capt. Steve Betz
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