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Tampa Bay Sea Trout

Sea Trout are an abundant species here in Tampa Bay. This fish readily strikes both live and artificial baits. It is both a local favorite, as well as a favorite of our fishing charter guests from all over. Sea Trout also makes excellent table fare with its delicate white meat, and has generous limits set by the state.


Sea Trout can be caught here all year round, and be found in most coastal areas. So, when fishing the flats, the mangroves, deeper channels, or the oyster bars – a sea trout can make an appearance at anytime. But, the majority of sea trout can be targeted over healthy seagrass beds in just a couple feet of water.


Sea trout can also get pretty big. Most commonly caught in the under 20 inch range, it is not uncommon to get a sea trout in the 20+ inch range as well. There are even anglers who have caught these fish in the 30+ inch range here in Tampa Bay. But one thing is for certain, big trout fight hard. They are a joy to catch and can add value to any day on the water.


Let’s Fish for Sea Trout!

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