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Fishing Tampa Bay

Fishing Tampa Bay
The bite is on in Tampa Bay. October has been a great month as usual for Snook, Redfish, Trout and Big Jacks to bend rods and pull drag.
Fresh caught live  scaled sardines have been the key bait. The fish are hungry and eating.
Snook and Redfish have been mixed together. Fishing areas with moving water is key to catching these fish. Even on tides that aren’t moving very well we have been able to catch fish if we get in the back country where the water has to funnel thru narrow creeks and canals.
Presentation is everything. I like the bait to look as natural as possible while free lining them along mangrove shorelines,oyster bars and areas that have structure like docks and submerged rocks.
There is nothing more exciting than feeling the thump of a big Snook hitting your bait and then making a long drag screaming run! Big Redfish will slam the bait and you’re rod will double over. Then these bulldogs of the bay will put up a battle you wont soon forget.
Large Jacks have been in the mix. Pound for pound they are one of the hardest fighting fish in Tampa Bay. They never give up!
November is another great month for a Tampa Bay Fishing Charter. Tampa Bays premier game fish will still be on the hunt for food to fatten up for the winter.
Dont miss out on you’re opportunity to battle with these fish and test you’re skills.
At Tampa Flats and Bay Fishing Charters we take beginners and pro anglers and put them on the fish!

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