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Fishing Tampa/May 2016

Are you planning on fishing Tampa soon? The month of May should be a great time. April has been nothing short of action packed. May should bring some great action for fishing Tampa also.

The top story for fishing Tampa is the invasion of Big Spanish Mackerel. If you are looking for consistent action,bent rods and drag ripping runs then look no further. These fish not only put up a great battle on our light tackle Okuma fishing gear they are great table fare. The key is proper handling and preparation. Capt. Steve will put your fish on ice and after your charter is done he will fillet them properly and bag them up for your dinner. He can also suggest a nice restaurant that will cook your catch for you at a reasonable price.

fishing tampa

Spanish Mackerel is not all fishing Tampa has to offer. We have been on a fairly solid Trout bite also. The key to finding the larger Trout is to fish areas with deep cuts or hard rocky bottom. The deeper water is cooler attracting the Trout. We have been using lighter action rods with soft tips when targeting these fish. Trout have soft areas around their mouths that will tear out with to much pressure. It is best to use a little finesse when fighting these fish if you want to land them. After all whats the big hurry? You are out for a fun day on the water. Slow down just a little and enjoy the fight.

fishing tampa trout

Our Snook have also been cooperating nicely. I expect the Snook bite may slow down some as our water temperature rises. They will still be a target species through out the month of May on our fishing Tampa charters. Target areas have been the flats. Deeper areas with moving water have been holding them. Shadow lines around the mangroves have also been providing some ambush points for these hard fighters. Live sardines free lined or caste out and slowly reeled back have been working well. As the water temperature rises dead cut bait such as Ladyfish cut into chunks and left to sit on the bottom will produce just as well or even better. The key is to be patient. Dead cut bait used at the right time has produced some of our largest Snook catches. Trust me. If it did not work I would not use it.

snook fishing tampa

Tarpon fishing will really fire up in May also. I have a very limited amount of Tarpon dates open. If Tarpon is what you are after don’t think about it. Just do it and Book your charter today.

tarpon fishing tampa bay

Thank you for stopping by to read the reports.

I hope to book your next adventure with me.

Capt. Steve Betz

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