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Tampa Bay Tarpon

Tampa is home to a well known Tarpon fishery. Tampa Bay is the states largest open-water estuary, in this – resident tarpon are available all year from juvenile to small adult. Throughout the summer Tampa Bay is also home to the yearly Tarpon migration. This is when tarpon fishing really heats up and people come from all over the world to fish this species here in Tampa Bay.


Tarpon will readily eat both live and artificial baits. They are also a favorite for fly fisherman who utilize heavy rods. Redient tarpon can be found in the backcountry and the intercoastal waterways. They can be finicky during cooler months, but they are also regularly caught when everything aligns. During the migration, however, Tampa Bay explodes with droves of tarpon smashing pods of live bait. During this time of year, anglers will hit the open waters to chase them down and get in on the frenzy.


Sightfishing for tarpon is also a very popular activity here. Instead of looking for “pushes” tarpon fisherman spend their days looking for “rollers”. Tarpon roll on the waters surface to capture some air, and fill their swim bladder – when this happens, sight fisherman get the lock on the tarpons location.


Let’s Fish for Tarpon!

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