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Fun Family Fishing Trips in Tampa Bay

When planning a family fishing trip there a few import considerations to make. Thankfully, Tampa Bay can host an awesome and safe day on the water for you and your family.

Inshore, or shallow water, fishing trips are probably one of the frindliest of family fishing trips to go on. No dealing with long, rough boat rides, and exceptional fishing can be had nearly all day long. Tampa Bay itself is the state’s largest opne water estuary and hosts hundreds of species of fish. The ability to explore backcountry mangroves and expansive grassflats add to this, but spotting wildlife is another key aspect here in Tampa Bay to be looked forward to. This includes marine mamals such as dolphin and manatees.

Fishing by boat is going to be the best decision to make. Though Tampa Bay is host to numerous shore fishing spots, a boat ride in an of itself is far more enjoyable and memorable. A couple of considerations to make here are boat size and ride comfort.

Area knowledge is yet one more important factor to consider. While exploring uncharted territories sounds fun in concept, a day of little fishing activity can quickly turn an otherwise great trip into a “so-so” adventure.

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Family Fishing Trips with Flats and Bay

Of course, we can offer you an unforgettable day on the waters of Tampa Bay right here at Flats and Bay. Captain Steve Betz regularly takes families on trips in the area and can check off all the marks needed to have a successful and fun day on the water. For more information and to start planning you can see trip details and rates here or contact the Captain directly here.

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