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Inshore Fishing Charters in Tampa Bay 2017

Inshore fishing charters in Tampa Bay this summer have been producing some nice catches. Prospective customers often ask me what can be expected on a Inshore fishing charters in the summer time. My answer is typically a variety of fish and if you are into eating fish then you can keep what you would like as long as its with in the legal limits. Some say they don’t have anyway to cook it because they are from out of town and staying at one of the local resorts or hotels. No problem. I can suggest a few restaurants that will cook your catch for a very reasonable price. What better reward after a day on the water than to have you’re fresh catch prepared for you?

So far this month (July 2017) we have been experiencing some good fish catching action on our inshore fishing charters. These charters take place within Tampa Bay. You are never with out sight of land and the ride to the fishing grounds takes up minimal time from you’re actual fishing time. Morning charters are the best time to go during the summer. Its the best time to beat the heat and some of the afternoon summer rains that come through the area.

The Spanish Mackerel bite has been very good. Some of the macks being caught are pushing the 5 pound range. If you have never caught these toothy beast on light tackle you are in for a surprise. They make some awesome drag ripping runs and yes they can test every anglers skills.

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We have also been experiencing some very good catches of Mangrove Snapper on our inshore fishing charters. Tampa Bay is loaded with them right now. I am often asked what my favorite fish is to eat. Mangrove Snapper is on the top of the list. Its a mild and flaky fish that can baked,broiled,pan sauteed or fried. I have never had it prepared any way I did not like it. Very delicious!

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There are other species to target this time of year with Sharks being one of them. So far this month my customers have been mostly focused on keeping fish to eat. We have been hooking up on some sharks as a bi-catch. If shark fishing is something yo would like to do this is the time of the year to do it.

Small Sharks put up a good fight on light tackle.


Thank you for stopping by to read my reports. I hope you will choose Tampa Flats and Bay Fishing Charters for your next fishing adventure!

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