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June 2014 Tarpon Time!

Yes it is Tarpon time here at Tampa Flats and Bay Fishing Charters. This month brings us some of the best Tarpon fishing of the season on the full and new moon tides. We have been having our afternoon showers and with them come a good flush of crabs on the out going tides. This cause a Tarpon feeding frenzy. The biggest problem we are having this year is not getting the bite,but getting the fish to the boat before the huge Bull Sharks pounce on them and finish them off as a meal.  I still have a couple of dates open for Tarpon fishing this month if you are interested in putting your skills to the test on a Silver King.

I have also been doing inshore charters for Snook, Reds and Trout. The Snook bite has been good through out the day as long as there is tidal movement. Our water temperature is still right around 80 degrees and this is a good number to induce the bite. Trout has been on. Customers are catching limits of trout in the 16  to 18 inch range. They have been healthy and fat. A live sardine casted out and slowly reeled back to the boat has induced the strike. Pinfish have also been a good bait. We have been picking up a Redfish here and there but it really hasn’t been my main focus.

Here are a few pictures from some recent charters.

silver red fishBluefishDSCF073940inch Snook

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