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It was a somewhat difficult month for Tampa Fishing Charters. We had to contend with cold fronts moving through the area and in turn this created drops in our water temperature. This may not seem like a big thing but combined with wind and Blue Bird sky’s of high pressure in can make catching difficult. When this happens it make take a few days for the fish to acclimate and the bite to turn on again. We struggle through it and make the best of the situation. Its just a fact of how fishing can be. Even with the differing conditions we managed to pull off some great charters.
Anyone that knows me,knows that I am not one who really likes tournament fishing. At times my Tampa Fishing Charters require me to go into tournament fishing mode. Every year tournament events are held with anywhere from 10 to 50 or 60 boats and charter captains involved. If I am not booked with my own personal charters I will except the invitation to fish some of these events. One particular fishing tournament event I really happen to enjoy is the Port Tampa Bay Slam tournament. The event typically host about 45 boats and this years event was no different. I think two of the reasons I really enjoy this event is that it is held in an area of Tampa Bay that I don’t typically fish very often. The area can be very challenging from catching bait for the day to catching fish. Really challenging!
The day of the event my anglers stepped on board and the conversation kind of went like this.” Captain are we going to fish the port area?” My response was “Guys if you know something about the area that I don’t I am always open to suggestions, I don’t know it all and never will.”
That set the tone with my anglers for the next 5 hours and we proceeded to hit some areas they knew about and felt confident fishing. It was really a win,win. With them being confident in what we were doing increased there focus and we promptly proceeded to catch fish one after the other.
The Redfish bite was on and I was so busy unhooking fish and they were so busy catching we never got one picture of them. Then things slowed down a bit as it does in fishing. I readjusted the boat so we could target an area in the mangroves where I saw some Snook blow up. One of the anglers pitched his bait deep into the mangroves and it was game on! Like a pro he was able to pull a nice 31″ Snook from the bushes. He wanted a picture of this one stating it was one of the best Snook he had caught. After that the bite dies and we struggled the next hour and a half searching for a Trout to complete our slam. We came up short on that end. As we headed back to the dock I told them you may get lucky and win something in the single fish category with the Snook. A 31″ Snook isn’t to shabby right now as I haven’t seen or heard of a lot of really big Snook being caught lately in the area.
About an hour after I dropped them off they sent me the pictures to follow. My angler one first place in Snook division! Confidence and persistence along with a little skill and luck paid off.
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If you would like to get out December can be a great time. We are still catching Snook and Redfish and other species.
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