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October 2014 King fish,Snook,Reds and Trout

Its been a busy month for Tampa Bay Fishing Charters. We have been targeting fish all over the map.

Near shore the topic is King fish. They are making their fall run down the west coast of Florida and one of there stops is just off the beaches of St. Petersburg. These fish range anywhere from 10 pounds on up in the high 40s! We catch them using two different methods. We either anchor up and create a chum slick in order to draw them to us. This provides some constant action as not only do you draw the Kings,but you also draw in Spanish Mackerel,Sharks, Bonita and other species that provide some drag ripping runs on light tackle.

Method two is trolling. Slow trolling is very effective and most of your strikes are going to be from the King fish themselves. The action is usually not as fast paced until you get the hook up. Its a great method for those that just want to kick back on the boat and wait for the chaos to begin. The King pictured below was caught slow trolling a Savage Gear hard plastic lipped plug.


On the inshore side of things we have been catching Snook, Redfish and Trout. Schools of large Jack Cravelle have also been invading the flats. Spanish Mackerel, and Lady fish have been pulling drag.Things inshore are starting to heat up. The back water creeks and canals will be the place to fish as our weather starts to cool. This is the time of year I really like. We tend to catch some nice trout and with the season being open year around these make some nice dinner.

IMG_20140927_103449Bass Pro RedfishDale TroutFrieda Snook October has been a fun productive month so far. Things are only going to get better. Take your pick but dont miss out on some of the best fishing of the season. Will it be Near shore catching a variety with King fish on your mind. Or is it inshore fishing you prefer keeping the rods bent on Snook, Reds and Trout.

What ever your pleasure may be call Capt. Steve. He will provide you with smiles,memories and an adventure you wont forget.813-727-8843

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