Rain,Rain,Go Away, So we can go Fishing in Tampa Bay!/ Sept.25th 2013

Rain and more rain has been the story here in the Tampa Bay region for the last several days. The rain came down in what seemed like bucket fulls over the west central region. After what seemed like forty days and forty nights of rain I knew that once I was able to get on the water the fishing was going to be tough.

Today I had a charter and frankly I had no real idea what to expect. I did however know conditions were most certainly not going to be as good as the last time I was on the water. My gut feeling was right. After rounding up some sardines for bait I picked my customers up at the dock. Off we went filled with anticipation of what the day may bring.

First spot one small snook. Second spot the same. Three spots and then four spots. Spot after spot produce little. The water looked like chocolate milk. The bay had been churned up from all the wind and rain. This made for a tough morning and a slow bite. It had me scratching my head to say the least. Think Captain think, was going through my mind. I had one last spot in mind. I had already stayed out well over the time period of a 4 hour charter but I felt the need to give my clients more. A short trek across the bay and we hit the last spot of the day. It was all or nothing!

I now had to make it happen. I chummed the area with some of the live sardines. To my amazement the water started to boil. Fish were coming out of nowhere attacking the baits I had thrown. Bait up one rod cast out. Fish on! Bait up another and Fish on! It was like a someone had rang the dinner bell! Trout, Redfish, Jack Cravelle, Mango Snapper and Spanish Mackerel all came over the side. This went on for about a half an hour putting much needed smiles on my anglers faces.

The bite should get better after a couple more days. Minimal rain is in our forecast so if that holds true the bay will clear up and we will be in line for some awesome October fishing.

Capt. Steve Betz

Spanish Mackerel

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