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Tampa Snook fishing charters

Snook fishing,Snapper and Mackerel

October is the month that we start fishing more for Snook again. The water temperature starts to slowly drop from the high 80s and as it cools the Snook really become active.
Its a great time to go fishing in Tampa Bay as it becomes so diverse. For those that like to keep fish for a fresh dinner our Spanish Mackerel run is in full force. We can also target the bottom dwellers such as Snapper and Grouper.
All of our fishing done here at Tampa Flats and Bay Fishing Charters is with light tackle. No big bulky rods and reels to handle. Our Okuma rods and reels are a perfect fit. Spinning reels spooled with 15lb braided line and a leader 0f 25# test are the combination we use for Snook fishing. Freelining live Sardines entice these fish to eat.

Tampa Bay Snook Fishing

Isa with a beautiful Tampa Bay Snook she caught.

Proper handling is very important to a Snook’s survival when being released. Notice in the picture above how the angler has a firm grip on the Snook’s lower lip and is supporting its belly. This is critical in the handling of them. You never want to hold a Snook by hanging it by its lower lip. This cannot only dislocate its lower jaw it can also cause internal injury to its organs.
Isa released this fish boat side. Holding the fish by its lower lip the fish will actually suck on your thumb and when its ready to swim off it will release and swim away.

fishing tampa

Isa releasing this Snook in a proper way.

We have also been catching Spanish Mackerel and Snapper on our trips. The Mackerel are not only very tasty they are great fighters on light tackle. My long time client William had a great time catching these Mackerel on this past weeks Tampa Bay Fishing Charter.

spanish mackerel

Long time client William with his catch of the day.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing young anglers reel in the fish. Dominick was a great angler and really did a great job catching the Snapper on a tough day this past week. The windy conditions had us ducking and hiding from the wind in order to catch some fish.

snapper fishing tampa bay

Dominick with a nice Tampa Bay Snapper he caught.

The bite is on in Tampa Bay. Book a trip with Tampa Flats and Bay Fishing Charters today!


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