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Tampa Bay Fishing Charters, Happy New Year Report 2014

The new year is here and 2014 has stated out very well for Tampa Bay Fishing Charters. We have had some cold weather roll through our area and it has dropped the water temperature down making for some good fishing at our local Tampa Bay power plants.

Sharks and Cobia are topping the list. Having the right bait and playing the tides right on your Tampa fishing charter is the name of the game. Large pin fish for bait and a good incoming or outgoing tides makes it all come together. We have been getting at least one keeper sized Cobia on most fishing charters Tampa fl. Sharks have been on the prowl and multiple species have been caught. Hammer Head Sharks along with Black Tips and Sharp nose sharks have been on our list. The light tackle provided by your Tampa fishing guides Capt. Steve Betz has been doing the trick. No need to use bulky,heavy rods and reels. Light tackle makes it more challenging and keeps the angler from getting fatigued.

We have also been catching trout,red fish and sheepshead. The deep channels of the shipping basins have been holding good numbers of silver trout. These scrappy little guys bend the rods and make it fun for both children and adults. The are also excellent table fare if you would like to put some in the cooler. Catching 50 or 60 of them in a couple of hours has been the norm.

Speckled sea trout,red fish and sheepshead are being caught in the canals and  backwater creeks. Mostly on the small side but we have been putting a few keepers in the box for dinner. The action has been steady for the most part.

Docks and small rock piles through out Tampa Bay is also a great place to catch sheepshead. These are one of the tastiest fish Tampa fishing charters has to offer. A nice flaky white meat is what you can expect to see on the dinner table. I will warn you that they will test an anglers skill. These fish don’t have the nickname Convicts for nothing. They will steal your bait at times with out you even noticing.

If you would like to book your next Tampa Bay Fishing Charter you can e-mail or call Capt. Steve direct. He is always happy to answer questions and discuss your next adventure.

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Hammer Head Shark40lb Cobia

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