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Tampa Bay Fishing Charters/ Nov 2013 Snook, Redfish and Trout

The forecast for fishing is really good for November. On recent charters we have been catching Snook,Redfish,Trout and other species.

The fast furious bite has mostly been on Spanish Mackerel,Bluefish and Lady Fish. Spanish Mackerel in the 3 to 5 pound range have been adding some nice fillets to customers dinner tables. Soak the fillets in a brine combination of sea salt,brown sugar,garlic and lemon juice and they are ready for the smoker. After being smoked you can either choose to eat the fillets as a meal or take the smoky flavored flesh and use it to make a delicious fish dip for crackers and a a little hot sauce.If smoking fish is not your thing,then just cover the fillets with a mix of Sprite and White wine and let soak for an hour or two in the fridge. They are now ready to bread and fry or bake in the oven. You can add your favorite seasoning.DSCF0479Trout and Redfish have been adding to the action. Keeper size fish have been making there way to the boat. Some people choose to keep them and some release. Its all a matter of preference. Both make excellent table fare baked,broiled or fried.

DSCF0481Lets not forget about our Premier game fish Snook! This is one of my favorite fish to target and catch. They can be difficult fish to catch and can make some of the best anglers almost go crazy! These powerful creatures will make drag ripping runs that at times are impossible to stop! One of the best fish in Tampa Bay to eat they are tightly restricted as to what you can keep. Once you hook into a Snook you wont forget it.


We are also getting some visitation from the Manatees who are making there way to their winter homes in the back waters of Tampa Bay. We have some close encounters with these friendly animals at times. Please be careful if you see them while out on the water. Propellers from outboard engines can be fatal to these gentle giants if they are hit by one.

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