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People want to know whats happening at Tampa Bay Fishing Charters? With this report you will be in the know and get a brief summery of what is happening now.
The Spanish Mackerel bite has been on fire. These drag ripping fish have been really fires up on these faster moving tides this past week. Both incoming and outgoing tides have been productive. They make for some great action and delicious table fare.
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The Mangove Snapper are still biting but its been a little more difficult to catch them this past week on the fast moving tides. They have been holding tighter to the structure. The bite should fire back up in between the New moon and our next full moon when we get on some slower tides. My customers have been able to get a few to go in the bag.
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I had the rare opportunity to take a break from my hectic schedule of charters and daily life to get out myself and get on the business end of the rod. It was a productive day with good friend Capt. Charlie scouting out some areas to find some spots holding Redfish.

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Many of my customers ask me about the bait we use and how I catch it. For most of the year we use Scaled Sardines. This is the most popular bait used in the Tampa Bay region and on Tampa Bay Fishing Charters.
I wake early in the morning and I am in my boat headed to the bait spots long before my customers have even had there first cup of morning coffee. I have to net the bait for the days charter. There are many different brands of nets but the one I prefer is the 10 foot Humback Castnet from Tampa Fishing Outfitters. I will go into bait catching in further detail in future reports.
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Thank you for stopping by to get the latest on whats happening at Tampa Bay Fishing Charters.
Capt. Steve Betz

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