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The image gallery below will give you an honest look at the fun the Tampa Fishing Charters clients have onboard with Captain Steve Betz. These Tampa Bay Fishing Charters Pictures are just a small glimpse into the charter possibilities.

Tampa Bay Fishing Charters Pictures

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Ready for a relaxing day on the water with the calming sounds of a screaming drag?

Depending on the season, spring, winter, summer or fall you can expect to catch a wide variety of species with your Tampa Bay fishing guide Capt. Steve Betz on a 1/2, 3/4 or full day fishing charters Tampa fl.

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About the Captain

4 lb mackCapt. Steve has lived in Tampa since 1969. He relocated to Tampa at the young age of 9 years old along with his mother, father and 5 brothers and sisters. Steve’s passion for fishing started at a young age while fishing the local ponds, lakes and rivers. In the early 80’s Steve was introduced to the world of Snook fishing. Snook fishing was like no other he had done and he quickly became addicted to the salt.

Over the years Steve stalked the many varieties of fish expanding his knowledge of Tampa Bay. With more than 25 years of saltwater fishing experience tucked into his tackle box, he began his career as a full time Tampa Bay Fishing guide.  Capt. Steve brings over 200 days a year of time spent on Tampa Bay to each and every one of his Tampa Bay Fishing Charters. As your fishing guide in Tampa Florida, Capt Steve will cater to all types of fishermen. Young, older, experienced and novice. Steve loves the opportunity to be able to share his knowledge and experiences as a Tampa Bay fishing guide. Capt. Steve runs a family friendly Fishing Charters Tampa Fl.

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One of the best places on this site to see more pictures as well as the attached stories, please visit our Tampa Bay Fishing Reports area. In here you will find not only more Tampa Bay Fishing Charters Pictures, but words from Captain Steve Betz himself to explain how each trip went.

Tampa Fishing

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Fishing in Tampa is always an exhilarating event. Here at Flats and Bay Tampa Fishing Charters we would like to get you in the spotlight on our next Tampa Bay Fishing Charters Pictures upload. There is always something biting! Look around the site and then give the Captain a call to book your trip- 813-727-8843