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Latest Tampa Bay Fishing Reports

  • May was a great time fishing Tampa Bay. I had repeat clients Jason and Alyssa from Arkansas on the boat for three of my days on the water this past month. They have fished with me many times over the years and its always a......

  • We have been catching some nice ones on our Tampa Flats Fishing Charters. Snook, Redfish and Trout are all biting. The Spanish Mackerel are here and we should start catching Snapper soon. May can be a very productive month. Bait is moving onto the flats,......

Fishing Reports for Tampa Bay

sheepshead caught in tampa


The latest in Tampa Bay fishing reports from Captain Steve Betz. Spending hundreds of days per year on the waters of Tampa, Captain Steve has some great insight to share about this fishery. You can browse both current and historical data for this fishery right from this page.


Tampa Bay is an exciting fishery. There is no doubt that Captain Steve Betz and his 20+ years experience on these waters will put you on the fish. He offers years of Tampa Bay fishing reports here on his site. The data here can help increase your chances to land fish while on the water. Given that the reports come often and are seasonally based, studying the historical data here can become an asset you will wonder how you fished without.


Tampa Bay fishing reports should include what’s biting, what the weather conditions are, and the targeted area. You will find these fishing reports are complete with all those details- and more.


Over the years Steve has stalked the many varieties of fish, expanding his knowledge of Tampa Bay. With more than 25 years of saltwater fishing experience tucked into his tackle box he began his career as a full time Tampa Bay Fishing guide.  Capt. Steve brings over 200 days a year of time spent on Tampa Bay to each and every one of his Tampa Bay Fishing Charters.

  • When planning a family fishing trip there a few import considerations to make. Thankfully, Tampa Bay can host an awesome and safe day on the water for you and your family. Inshore, or shallow water, f...

  • The majority of our Tampa Flats and Bay Fishing Charters this month have been with folks that have really just wanted to bend rods catching and releasing fish. They couldn’t have picked a better...

Winter Fishing Reports

During the winter in Tampa Bay, an angler will see increased activity for big (Gator) Seatrout, Redfish tailing the flats, and Snook will still be hitting baits early on in the season. Don’t let the cool temps fool you, this can be one of the best times to fish here for a variety of our local species.

Spring Fishing Reports

Tampa Bay during the spring time will still see those tailing Red’s in the flats, but with the addition of big Red’s throw in the mix. Catching Snook becomes more common, and Seatrout will still be lurking actively in the grass flats. Also, Cobia will begin to appear during the migration.

Summer Fishing Reports

The summer in the Tampa Bay fishery will see highly active Snook, with steady activity for the other flats favorites: Seatrout and Redfish. However, our favorite time of the year also appears now – The yearly Tarpon run. The Tarpon run generally starts in May and lasts until August.

Fall Fishing Reports

Fall in Tampa Bay will see the beginnings of Gator Trout, and will also offer another shot at big Redfish. Tailing Red’s will be found throughout the skinnies. Cobia will begin to increase action again on their return migration. Snook are still available to target as well.

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