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In 2011 Capt. Steve took on the task of rebuilding a 24′ Proline Flatback. Creating a roomy and stable Tampa Bay Fishing Charters platform was priority number one when he took on this task. After looking at many other boats in the class of the 24′ Proline Flatback he knew exactly what he wanted. After months of what seemed like would never end the boat was finished and ready to fish out of in July of 2011.

GiGi Proline PictureCaptain Steve’s  24′ Proline  Flatback offers a shallow draft of 10″ to allow him to be able to stalk the fish that roam our shallow grass flats.  It was equipped with a brand new 175 Suzuki 4 stroke outboard mounted on a Porta Bracket Jack Plate allowing Capt. Steve to navigate the shallow flats of Tampa Bay with out damaging the sea grass beds. The deep V entry at the front of the boat also allows for a comfortable ride when the open waters of Tampa Bay get choppy.

The open deck area offers Tampa Bay Fishing Charters anglers plenty of fishing room. No need to be packed on the boat like a bunch of sardines. Its forward casting deck has plenty of room for 3 anglers and the boat will accommodate 4 anglers with ease letting every angler have the chance to cast to the targeted fishing spot.

Top of the line Garmin electronics were installed to insure safe navigation by GPS  while searching the bottom of the bay in deeper waters for fish holding structure with the sonar.

Capt. Steve also installed Sirius Satellite radio. The thought behind the radio was that some anglers may enjoy listening to some Jimmy Buffet, Country,Rock or maybe the Football game while fishing. Its also has a feature called a power button enabling Capt. Steve to turn it off for those anglers that enjoy the sounds of nature over music or sports.

Having plenty of bait and being able to keep it alive was a major concern on a Tampa Bay Fishing Charter. To make sure it would not be a problem a 43 gallon live well was installed to ensure all bait will stay alive and frisky.

Last but not least the vessel was FWC inspected and all the proper safety gear is always on board and kept up to date.

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Ready for a relaxing day on the water with the calming sounds of a screaming drag?

Depending on the season, spring, winter, summer or fall you can expect to catch a wide variety of species with your Tampa Bay fishing guide Capt. Steve Betz on a 1/2, 3/4 or full day fishing charters Tampa fl.

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Tampa Bay Fishing Charters

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Tampa fishing charters by Flats and Bay is a one of a kind experience you do not want to pass on. Captain Steve Betz has dedicated decades to this fishery, and is here to offer you one of the finest Tampa Bay Fishing Charters experiences you can have. This fishery is outstanding in both its geographic and species diversity.

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While visiting Tampa, Florida for business, a sporting event, spring training, or leisure – Nothing can take the place of a day on the water with Flats and Bay Captain Steve Betz. It is by no mistake that Tripadvisor has Flats and Bay listed as a top 10 attraction in Tampa. Find yourself on the water in Tampa Bay.