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tampa bay flats fishing

Tampa Bay Flats Fishing

Fall is a great time to do some Tampa Bay Flats Fishing. This is the time of year that our water temperature starts to cool down and the fish really start feeding on Tampa Bay Flats and backwaters.
Catching Snook, Redfish and Trout will be the norm in the coming months. Big Jacks will be cruising around looking for a meal. Man can they bend a rod and pull some drag! Pound for pound they are one of the best fighting fish in Tampa Bay.
Oyster bars, rocky areas,mangrove shorelines and deeper creeks and canals will be areas to target. Live bait is key and is always caught fresh before the days Tampa Bay Flats Fishing charter begins.

If you haven’t been fishing on the flats of Tampa Bay you are missing out. No long boat rides,no heavy cumbersome gear, and some of the best shallow water fishing action you could ask for. Flats fishing is a great type of charter for people of all ages.

Fun Fact: Tampa Bay is home to over 200 species of fish!

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