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Tampa Fishing Charter Report

Thanks for stopping by to read this months Tampa Fishing Charter Report.
We have had some fun Tampa Fishing Charter in the month of November and now going into December. I even had a little time to get out there on a personal fun trip or two myself. I cherish those times as it allows me to catch a few fish myself and also scout the area for upcoming charters. As a full time fishing charter captain this is something I find very important to do. Staying on top of things especially this time of year when things change on a regular basis is vital to being able to provide a quality Tampa Fishing Charter.

Now on to our report.
November charters produced a variety of species. Snook, Trout, and large Jacks topped the list. We also caught those jumping acrobatic Lady Fish we have nick named the Poor Mans Tarpon.
We have been using live sardines as bait. Its been plentiful but at times a bit difficult to catch. This time of year as we have cool fronts moving through the area the bait moves from some of its typical spots. One more reason I scout on my days off. Having the right bait is key.
As I write this article we are having one of our first cold fronts moving through the area. Outside temps are predicted to drop into the high 40s but in typical Florida style they will come back up and be in the 60s and 70s once again.

Tampa Fishing Charter

Nice Snook Caught on a Recent Tampa Fishing Charter

You might ask how does a cold front effect our fishing? Well with water temps already in the low 70s the outside air temp should drop it a few more degrees. This will put some of our species like snook and trout on the move. They tend to move into the deeper canals, creeks and channels. Trout will hold up on oyster bed areas finding comfort from the heat these beds can produce from soaking up the suns rays.
Sheepshead should move deep onto the bays rock piles,channel edges and artificial reefs. If you havent eaten sheepshead you dont know what you are missing. A like flaky meat that resembles crab. Its delicious!
Cobia, Sharks,Pompano and big Jacks should move into the warm water outflow areas of the power plants. This will be dependent on water temps. I prefer it to be in the low 60s and sustained for this type of fishing.

tampa bay fishing charters

The Trout have been biting

lady fish

A Lady Fish aka Poor Mans Tarpon











The large Jacks have been biting. Roland and Sharon are repeat customers who come all the way from Holland to fish with me. They had a blast catching the Big Jack on light spinning tackle!

cravelle jack

Roland and Sharon with a Big Jack

I am looking forward to December fishing and what it may hold. I also look forward to you booking you’re next Tampa Fishing Charter with me. I have dates available so pick up the phone and either call or text me. There is also a contact form on the site.

Thanks again for stopping by to read my reviews and Happy Holidays!

Capt. Steve Betz


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