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Tampa Fishing Charter Sept.

I am often asked “When is the best time to go on a Tampa Fishing Charter?” My first reply to that question is “Anytime!” This can be very true for the person who only has limited times they can plan to go fishing. My second reply is ” Usually in the fall and spring.” This brings me to my report for Sept. 2015.

As we count down the last few days of Sept. I really start getting excited about whats ahead for the fall pattern. Out side air temps have cooled a bit and so has Tampa Bays water temp. I was just out the other day and noticed when I looked at my fish finder the water temp was now hovering in the mid 80’s. These cooler temps start really getting the fish fired up. I have already been experience some nice catches of Trout. This is a sure sign to me that temps are down and fish are moving. Its not to say we havent been having some great catches on our Tampa Fishing Charters. Let me give you a quick run down.

Trout,Jacks and Redfish have been my primary targets these past couple of weeks with my customers. We have caught a few Snook but not the quality fish I am hoping to see show up in the next month. The Cobia have been around and for customers lucky enough to hook into one they get to experience a nice battle. Cobia are very good eating but must be at least 33″ to the fork of the tail when measured. Here are a few pictures of Sept. catches.

Lets start out with the Jack. Pound for Pound it is one of the hardest fighting fish to call Tampa Bay its home. They actually can be rather tasty if prepared properly. These fish are pretty much a year around species.

Tampa Fishing Chartertampa bay fishing charters








Lets move on to the Redfish. One of the prettiest fish Tampa Bay has to offer. We have been catching some mid slot size fish that are perfect for the dinner table.

red fishing charter tampaTrout fishing is starting to fire up. My customers usually like to keep a few of these for dinner. For those from out of town they oftenprefer to take them to one of the local restaurants that will cook your catch.

trout fishing charterAnd last but not least we had a nice surprise visit from a Cobia on one of my last Tampa Fishing Charter in Sept. This fish actually chased a fish we had hooked and followed it all the way to the boat. The charter was just about over for the day but I waited the fish out so my customer could have a chance at catching him. It took about another 20 minutes just for him to finally take the bait. When he did the battle was on!



cobia fishing charter tampa


I am looking forward to what Oct. has to offer. It tends to be one of the best months of the year to catch fish. Book your Tampa Fishing Charter now!

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