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Most people don’t know that I do what we call in the Tampa fishing charters industry Consultation Charters.
A consultation charter can range from teaching you the ins and outs of boat handling to fishing a certain area and how to safely navigate the water ways.
Consultation charters are a great way to jump start your fishing knowledge if you are new to the area or are just struggling to catch fish in an area.
Something to keep in mind when hiring a captain to do a consultation trip is make sure you’re boat is in sea worthy condition and mechanically sound.
Nothing will ruin your experience more than a mechanical break down or some type of catastrophic failure due to lack of maintenance.
With that being said before doing a consultation  I or any captain with a lick of sense will do an inspection before hand of the boat to make sure its in safe operating condition and all required safety equipment is on board.
This month of January I had the pleasure of doing a consultation charter aboard an elderly gentleman 20″ Pontoon boat. He had family he wanted to take out but because of physical issues doing all the heavy lifting was not an option for him. I went with him and his family members on two separate occasions the fishing itself wasn’t the greatest only catching a few fish each trip in his area but it was nice to see him and his family just enjoying time outdoors together.
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January has been a particularly difficult month for fishing. Wind,Weather, and Water Temperatures play a huge part in what we catch. Our weather has been a steady barrage of cold fronts,rain and wind this month. Water temperatures dropped and with all of this catching fish wasn’t easy. We did manage to catch some but I would be lying if I told you we had banner days of catching big fish. We did have some great days of bending rods with steady action with fish on the smaller side mainly speckled sea trout,whiting and ladyfish. Some days it has been over 50 fish on a four hour charter.
Hopefully things will start to change for the better when we get deeper into February. Fortunately the folks I have taken have been happy to get out and enjoy some time away from the daily grind and catch some fish.
If catching fish and enjoying some time on the water with friends or family is what you would like to do its a good time for it. If you have expectations of a Trophy catch you can brag about it would be better you waited until conditions are better. Of course strange things happen and if you don’t go you will never know.

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