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Tampa Fishing Charters May 2020

Tampa Fishing Charters

It seems like forever since our country was put on a lock down over the Corona Pandemic even though in reality its been less than 2 months.
Our state has relaxed some of the restrictions that were put upon us and we now have open beaches,restaurants and other public places. Although we are still asked to maintain some social distancing.
Tampa Flats and Bay Fishing Charters is now open for business and we are taking reservations. We are doing our best to implement safe practices while running our Tampa Fishing Charters.
As we get into our summer months Mangrove Snapper season will be in full swing on our fishing charters Tampa. Just recently my wife and I made a short morning trip to Tampa Bay to do some scouting for the Mangrove Snapper. Truth be told we both had an appetite for some fresh Fish Tacos.
We were a bit limited that day as the wind had picked up so we weren’t able to fish the areas I actually wanted to go to. I went to plan B and fished some artificial reefs that I dont normally fish this soon into the season. To our surprise the reefs were holding some Snapper and in a couple of hours we had a nice bag of fish for our dinner. These weren’t the larger Mangrove Snapper I typically target but it was a good sign that if they were at these locations already the larger ones will be holding at the many other spots I have through out Tampa Bay.
tampa fishing chartersfishing charters tampa

There are several ways you can prepare Mangrove Snapper. One of our favorite ways is to blacken the snapper and put it on a freshly cooked soft taco shell with cheese,shredded cabbage and a homemade lime sauce with sliced avocado.
Book a charter with Tampa Fishing Guide Capt. Steve and he will put you on the Mangrove Snapper  along with a variety of other fish and also share my recipes with you.
There is nothing better than a fresh fish dinner!
Capt. Steve Betz
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