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Tampa Fishing Charters / Power Plant Fishing 2013

For the most part we have had a mild winter so far. For those in the northern states,they have not been so fortunate. I have watched the weather reports and I do not envy those who live there. Snow, Below freezing temperatures and icy wind,Its not for me! When the temps drop below 70 here in the Tampa Bay area some who have lived here all their life or close to it think its cold. I enjoy it for the most part and take advantage of the cooler temps. It changes the fishing and the fishes habits,dropping water temps force a lot of our species caught on our Tampa Bay Fishing Charters to seek refuge in warmer waters. That is where Power Plants come into play.

Power plants use water as a cooling agent. Once that cool water is run through the plant it is discharged into our Tampa Bay at a higher temperature warming an area of water around the power plant. This attracts fish and also attracts fishermen.

One of the species of fish the warm Tampa Bay power plant attracts is the Cobia. These beast are one of my favorite species to target. When the water temps drop to the mid to low 60’s or even colder I know these powerful creatures will show up around the plant. Cobia in our area are often caught in the 15 to 20 pound range with beast in the 30 to 40 pound range also roaming the area.

Live bait free lined on light tackle works well and provides for an epic battle. Cobia make some amazing drag ripping runs and can put some of the best in equipment to the test. I have hooked fish so large they can spool you if you don’t start the engine and give chase!

The Cobia bite is on right now and I expect it to be on through January. The right tides,temperature and bait are key to hooking up.

tampa bay fishing guideWhy dont you get the hook up? Give Capt. Steve Betz a call! Book your trip and enjoy an epic battle!

Capt. Steve Betz


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