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Tampa Fishing Guide from the archives

Tampa Fishing Guide

Some of my charters are more memorable than others as are some of my customers. Rob and Kyle are two of my customers that have left me with fond memories and in the process we became friends.
Several years ago Rob hired me to be his Tampa Fishing guide. Rob is hard core when it comes to fishing but at the same time he just likes to have action and bent rods so the species of fish is not as important as bending rods.
Little did I know that our first encounter would lead to friendship and many future charters. Rob has booked me over the years multiple times and for week long full day charters. We fished hard and caught a variety of fish on those guided fishing charters. As I looked back in my archives I found some pictures of some of they’re catches. I would of thought I would have a stock pile of photos but looking back Rob and his grandson Kyle kept me busy handling fish,baiting hooks and guiding them. I guess I didn’t have time to take as many pictures as I would of liked to.
On these tampa fishing guide charters Rob and Kyle would fish with live and artificial baits. There were days that 100 or more fish were caught. Anything from Trout and Mackerel to Snook,Redfish and Cobia.
Here are a few pictures from the archives. I hope you enjoy.

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Make some memories. As you’re Tampa Fishing Guide I will take you to the fish so you can bend some rods and make some memories.
Capt. Steve Betz


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