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tampa flats fishing charters

Tampa Flats Fishing Charters

Tampa Flats Fishing Charters have been successful this month. Snook and Redfish have been our main target. Flats and back country fishing has been a great alternative this month as our wind has been unpredictable and fishing in protected areas has been key to fishing calmer waters.

The creeks and canals of Tampa Bay have been holding most of the Snook and Reds where we have been fishing. Cooler water temperatures this time of year have them in the transition of moving to the back country. They are feeding on smaller baits as that is whats most abundant right now. Live sardines freshly caught before you even board our boat is the bait of choice.

Its close to the end of the month and Thanksgiving is upon us. As we move into December fishing may or may not change. Its really all dependent on our weather. If we have a mild winter and temperatures remain in the low 80s the fishing is usually awesome with a great Snook and Redfish bite continuing. If not? We change tactics and begin fishing warmer water areas. Deeper canals,dark mud bottom and warm water outflows at power plants will all be holding fish. Either way we always have fish to target year round on Tampa Flats and Bay Fishing Charters.

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Tired of being cooped up in 2020? Get out of the house and go fishing! Get some fresh air and lets forget even if just for a few hours how upside down the world has become this year.

I am ready to book you’re next Tampa Flats Fishing adventure.

Capt. Steve Betz

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