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Tampa Inshore Fishing Charters

February is typically the start of some great Tampa Inshore Fishing Charters. We are right on the verge of consistent spring time weather where water temps start rising close to the 70 degree range. The inshore fishing really turns on.
One of my favorite type of Tampa Inshore Fishing Charters to do this time of year is reef,sunken ship wreck and rock pile fishing. The awesome part about this fishing charter is that it is all done inside of Tampa Bay!
One of the species of fish we target this time of year is Sheepshead. This is not the Sheephead that folks catch up in the northern states. Our Sheephead are as tasty as it gets. The meat has almost a crab like flavor.

Tampa Inshore Fishing Charters


Other species caught this time of year are Snapper, and Key West Grunts. If you have never caught and eaten fresh Key West Grunts you probably don’t know what you are missing. They are one of my favorite fish to eat. The meat of the fish is white and mild to the taste buds.

fishing charter tampa bay

Forward in the photo are Key West Grunts

I get asked a lot of questions while I am on my Tampa Inshore Fishing Charters. Two of the most common questions I get asked is How often to I go fishing? and What is my favorite fish to catch?
My answers usually go like this. Not as often as I would like to personally as I am usually on charter watching other people fish and teaching them my techniques. One of my favorite fish to catch is Snapper but in general I just love to catch fish!
My favorite fishing partner is my wife. She loves to fish and on the rare occasion that we go fishing we usually try to target some species we can take home. She is pretty awesome at fishing and usually the one who puts on a how to clinic showing me up on our adventures.

Tampa Inshore Fishing Charters

My wife Karen with a nice catch of Snapper,Sheepshead and Keywest Grunts

I have worked hard over the years to find some of the most productive fishing spots in Tampa Bay. Hard work on my part has made for some great Tampa Inshore Fishing Charters for my customers.
If you would like to get out with one of the top 5 Star rated fishing guides in the Tampa Bay area just give me a call (813)727-8843 or contact me through the contact form on the website.
This report on this Valentines weekend is dedicated to my awesome wife Karen.

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