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trout fishing tampa bay

Trout Fishing Tampa Bay

Lately it has been all about Trout fishing Tampa Bay. Cold front after cold front brings high winds along with them through the Tampa Bay area. This makes it very difficult to get to certain areas to fish and wind direction plays a major part in where you can catch fish.

Anyone who has ever called me of fished with me knows I am brutally honest about what is going on in the Tampa Bay area. I have found in my guiding career that lying to my customers about what we are catching is a recipe for a bad time on the water. I guess that is why I am top rated on sites like  Trip Advisor . With this being said here is a Trout Fishing Tampa Bay brutally honest fishing report.

Trout fishing has been the main type of fishing we have been doing. I would love nothing more than to be able to tell you we are catching Cobia, Sharks, Pompano and Large Jack Cravelle at the local warm water out flow of the power plant are but the fact is we have not been able to target them with any regularity. This is largely in part due to the high winds we have been experiencing out of the North West. For some reason this has effected the reliability of being able to catch these fish. Its really just a hit or miss situation. That brings us to Trout fishing.

We have been targeting trout fishing Tampa Bay in the back water creeks and canals. Also we have been able to catch them along the oyster bars in the bay. A mixture of live shrimp and artificial baits have been producing some keeper trout for customers to take home for dinner.

We have also been catching Lady fish aka poor mans Tarpon. They are a lot of fun to catch when the action is slow. We still have Sheeps head to target and they also make some great table fare. Don’t confuse our sheep’s head with the northern variety that people consider trash fish. Ours are some of the most sought after by local anglers and are delicious to eat. They are very challenging to catch.

My goal as your captain and guide is to take you out and have you catch fish. Its not always spectacular trophy fishing,but that is totally out of my control this time of year. I am hoping things will change but as of now the weather is just unpredictable.

This probably isn’t the report you want to read but its honest. It is just the way it is in Tampa Bay right now.

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If you would like to book a charter please contact me. I will let you know what we are catching at that time.

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